Discord is one of the application programs created with the intention of fostering a community 
in the fields of education and business, beginning with gaming. Discord focuses on enabling 
users to communicate via text, image, video, and voice over chat channels.

Hon Kit Lam
Commercial/Brand Video
2023 Spring

Have fun!

To learn and study: Pencils appear and draw with lines on the floor. There are various items that students need to study, such as notebooks, notepads, and writing tools.To communicate: Double quotes and clips of different shapes are popping up everywhere. These fit into the monitor.To play games: Some round object falls on the scaffolding and bounces back. Various game elements are created on the screen, and the object that bounces off becomes a character and runs forward.To see videos: People are watching the video of the character and sending hearts and thumbs up icons.To send messages: The video frame changes into the shape of a phone, and several speech balloons are created.