Stop Bullying

Bullying in school is a problem that needs to be solved together. Bullies should not only be punished; everyone in their immediate vicinity needs to be involved in finding a solution. 
I created an animation with adorable visuals of potentially serious subjects.
Jounalistic Explainer
2023 Spring

Sound caution!



How do you recall your final day of school?
Maybe you’ll cry because you miss everyone and laugh because you remember the good old days.
However, for some, those days can be a source of anxiety and discomfort.
Their confidence eventually faded and
they realized they were worthless.
Overcoming it and gaining confidence will take years.

We require a change.
Offer to be friends with anyone who is alone on the playground.
If a mean text or message has made them sad,say something kind that will make them laugh.
Raise your voice and spread joy.
There are opportunities for change all around us.


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