How to use
Semicolon ;


A semicolon has many functions that we might not aware of. Not many people know about this or write properly. I'm going to show you how to use the semicolon, which looks similar to other symbols but has different uses.

The semicolon has a longer break than a period, but has a shorter break than a comma. Unlike the colon, which is used to emphasize the following clause, the semicolon is used to connect two different clauses or to make complex lists. Also, the semicolon is not used with conjunctions, but can be used with conjunctive adverbs.

I wanted to briefly explain the rules you need to know when writing with new punctuation characters through this project.

Gerald Mark Soto

Project file
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Educational Explainer
2023 Fall

Let’s learn!


Character design & Storyboard
‘ ; ’ (Semicolon)

‘ , ’ (Comma)
‘ . ’ (Period)

‘ : ’ (Colon)

‘ & ’ (and/conjunctions)

‘ ∴ ’ (therefore/conjunctions)

Process (Frame by frame sketch)